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Physical features of India with notes in hindi || Class 9 Chapter 2 Geography || Class – 9, Chapter -2 PHYSICAL FEATURES OF INDIA 1.        India is a vast ( विशाल ) country with varied ( भिन्न - भिन्न ) landforms. 2.        If you live in the plains you are familiar with the vast stretches of plain land. 3.        If you live in hilly region, the rugged ( खुरदरा ) terrain ( इलाक़ा ) with mountains and valleys are common features. 4.        Our country has all major physical features of the earth i.e. mountains, plains, deserts, plateaus and islands. 5.        How these physical features have been formed let’s understand 6.        some rocks are very hard like marble used for making the Taj Mahal & some are very soft like soap stone which is used in making talcum powder. 7.        The colour of soil varies from one place to the other because soil is formed out of different types of rocks. 8.        India is a large landmass formed during different