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People as Resource

People as Resource ||Class 9 Chapter 2 Economics || Chapter – 2 People as Resource 1.        People having some skills & knowledge in any field who can do some productive work in that field are called Human capital. 2.        In it, they need some investment like education, training and medical care. 3.        If we think that it creates problems to provide the huge population with food, education and access to health facilities. 4.        But we should also see its positive aspect ( रूप ) that if we provide more education and health facilities to large section of population then more it will be developed, it is called 'human capital formation'. 5.        Investment in human resource (via [ के द्वारा ] education and medical care) can give high rates of return in future. 6.        E.g. Green Revolution is a best example of how the input of greater knowledge in the form of improved production technologies can rapidly increase the productivity of land

Motion of the Earth

Motion of the Earth notes || Class 6 Chapter 3 Geography || Chapter – 3 MOTIONS OF THE EARTH Important Points 1.       Rotation – It is the movement of the earth on its axis in about 24 hours. 2.       Revolution – The movement of the earth around the sun in a fixed path or orbit in a period of one year. 3.       Seasons – divisions of the year marked by different weather ( मौसम ) patterns 4.       Solstices – position of the earth in its orbit on 21 June and 22 December 5.       Equinoxes – position of the earth in its orbit on 21 March and 23 September 6.       Aphelion – position of the earth on 4 July of every year when the distance between earth and the sun is maximum (151 million km or 15.1 crore km) 7.       Perihelion - position of the earth on 4 January every year when the distance between earth and the sun is minimum (146 million km or 14.6 crore km) Rotation of the Earth 1.       Rotation is the movement of the earth on its own axis while rev
Day 4 English spoken course || Past Continuous Tense & Essay (Dream) || for beginners Past Continuous Tense bl Tense esa eq[; fØ;k ds lkFk jgk Fkk] jgh Fkh] jgs Fks dk iz;ksx gksrk gSA tSls - jke ?kwe jgk Fkk] lhrk ukp jgh Fkh] yksx ?kwe jgs Fkk] eSa ?kwe jgk FkkA This tense is used to describe Action started before that moment but has not finished at that moment To “set the scene” in stories Note – Often, the story starts with the past continuous tense & then moves into the simple past tense. Affirmative Rule: Subject + was/were + verb 1 st form+ ing + object. Singular Subject ds lkFk & was Plural Subject ds lkFk & were E.g. 1) I was going for a walk - मैं टहलने जा रहा था 2) People were dancing on the stage. - मंच पर लोग नाच रहे थे। 3) People were protesting against the government policies - लोग सरकार की नीतियों का विरोध कर रहे थे 3) She was writing a letter - वह एक पत्र लिख रही थी Negative Rule: Subject + was/w